Large Vessel Towing Tips

Large Vessel Towing Tips

If you are thinking of buying a large water going vessel, you may want to check into hydraulic boat trailers for sale. Large boats have special needs and towing these vessels is different than smaller boats and vehicles. Here are some more helpful tips to make the process of moving a large boat simpler and easier.

Check with Your State Laws

Some states require you to have brakes on all axles if the total weight is over one and one-half tons. If your trailer doesn’t meet the standards, you’ll need to upgrade your towing system.

You also may need to buy an oversized permit for towing. It’s best to take care of these things now than to pay for an expensive traffic ticket later. In fact, you could be fined as much as one-thousand dollars in some states, and have to park your trailer. You can get permits at most state DOT offices. Some permits are for one-time only while others are for an entire season.

The Importance of Trailer Sizing

When you shop hydraulic boat trailers for sale, it’s important to get a trailer large enough for your needs. For example, a boat trailer needs to have the towing capacity for the boat, trailer, motor, fuel, and any gear you have aboard. If you consistently tow a trailer loaded to its maximum capacity you put added pressure on the axles and can wear your tires and wheel bearings out quickly.

Braking Systems

If your thinking about hydraulic boat trailers for sale, consider electric brakes over hydraulic brakes. They can be set to allow for smoother braking because they tune the trailer brakes with your towing vehicle brake system. Talk to your trailer professionals about the best trailer for your needs. Upgrading your trailer can make towing easier and much safer.

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