Know Your Business Valuation and How to Sell It


Are you looking to sell your business in the Seattle area as well as the rest of Washington State? Selling your business can be stressful as you are seeking for the right buyers and having to deal with paperwork. Before putting your business for sale, you should take these following steps to understand the selling process and to avoid any issues.


Set a reasonable price. An inflated number can either stop or reduce your potential buyers. This is when you should consult with a professional broker you can trust. Your broker should be able to help you get to the best win-win price.

Continue Your Business Efforts

Putting your business for sale and going through the selling process can take up to a year or even more. Be patient and continue with your day-to-day tasks. You must still carry on with your business as usual. You still want the business to run smoothly bringing in sales.

Find Experts

Seek for brokers who know what they are doing. However, the main important thing you want to seek for is that the experts ensure confidentiality. A breach of that can change the course of transaction. Make sure to have experts who can channel the process and both parties involved to maintain the sale within silent bounds.

Be Prepared with Your Housecleaning

When you are putting your business for sale, be prepared as much as possible. Make sure that all your records are completed from years back to current. This includes all legal and accounting paperwork.

Know Your Business Well

You should expect questions from buyers. They will request for information such as appraisals on all assets. They will also seek for information to satisfy government and environmental regulations. These are necessities to obtain financing. Have these ready in advance for potential buyers to help ease the process.

Be Flexible But Know How to Negotiate

Don’t be a seller who wants everything in cash at closing. Be willing to accept contingent payments. You can consult with your broker to educate you about financing and taxing. This will keep the price and payment in a win-win situation. However, also make sure you and your broker discuss ahead of time of when “to hold” and when “to fold.”

Stay Involved with All Parties

You can count on KR Business Brokers’ experts to educate and guide you through the selling process of your business. Know your business valuation and we can take care of the rest for you as long as you put your trust in us. Although our experts can ease this for you, you must be willing to stay involved. Having all parties on the same page will ensure a smooth transition. Contact us today for more information if you have a business for sale in the Seattle area and the rest of Washington State.

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