Key Differences To Look For In Electronic Manufacturing Services Companies

Key Differences To Look For In Electronic Manufacturing Services Companies

For startup companies and OEMs that may be expanding their production and require specialized electronics manufacturing contractors, finding the right companies to work with is critical.

Not only will these companies need to provide full compliance with all industry standards for your device, but they may also have to be knowledgeable on compliance for international sales and regulations. These issues are particularly important for OEMs in the military and defense, aerospace and aviation, medical and instrumentation industries.

Choosing between the different electronic manufacturing services companies needs to be done with care and with due diligence into the company. As these companies will play an important role in the quality of your product, the cost and the ability to meet production demands, they are a central component of any OEM’s success.

Experience in the Industry

Don’t assume that all electronic manufacturing services companies that indicate they have experience in a wide range of industries actually have extensive experience. Take the time to find out their past record, the scope, and the size of projects they have worked on and to get references and contact past or current customers.

Capacity and Equipment

The capacity of electronic manufacturing services companies is based on the actual throughput possible in the facility. This, in turn, is a factor of the type of equipment they use, the automation possible in the processes and the overall organization of the process.

Professionally managed contract manufacturing companies can provide very specific information on their maximum throughput to OEMs. They can also provide estimates for increasing production that provide a clear picture of what the OEM can expect in the future.

Always check to makes sure the company has a clear and concise quality control process in place. Verify the company is an ISO 9001 registered company and also has the necessary UL, CSA and CE certifications to suit your requirements.

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