Keep Your Water Clean, Clear and Fresh with Hot Tub Chemicals in St. Paul


You got a hot tub so that you could enjoy slipping into the hot water whenever you wanted, to soak away those sore muscles and help you relax. What you don’t want to do is open the cover to your hot tub, only to be assaulted by the odor of the water. You also don’t want to be a slave to your hot tub, having to check it everyday. You can have your hot water and enjoy it too, with the correct use of Hot Tub Chemicals in St. Paul.

There tend to be two kinds of hot tub owners. Those who never check their water until there is a problem, and those who can’t stop checking their water. Hot tub water is a lot like taking care of a plant. Give it just enough attention to make it happy, or kill it with too much attention. Your water doesn’t need to be any perfect number of pH. It simply needs to be in the range of good pH. Let it move around that range on its own, without trying to correct it.

Begin with clean water. Once it has gotten hot, add the appropriate amount of bromine for the gallons in your tub. The container will give you this information. Wait a bit for the bromine to work, then check your pH. You can do this with test strips, or a simple water testing kit that uses drops. You can get this testing kit at Sitename.

If you need to adjust the pH level, do just the minimum amount suggested by the container, and then wait until the next day. If the pH is a little high, don’t worry, just having bodies in the water will lower the pH a little. This is why you can’t try to keep it exact, you need to give it room and time to move. Choose one day a week to check your water. There is no need to do it more often.

Use bathing suits that have been hand washed to avoid leftover soap in your water. Anyone with long hair should pin it up to keep shampoos and conditioners out of the water as well. If you don’t want to bother with your water at all, you can have your Hot Tub Chemicals in St. Paul taken care of by the services offered by most spa sellers.

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