Keep Your Event Online with Temporary Wifi

by | Jul 4, 2018 | Event Planning

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It’s your wedding day, but your parents can’t make it. A generation ago, the best you could do was mail your parents some pictures of the big day. In the 21st century, you’ll want to live stream the event so they can see it, offer their congrats and blow you a kiss over the screen. Renting temporary Wifi for your event is a great way to accomplish this task.

You can rent secure, portable wireless hotspots to place around your wedding sites. You can put one near the ceremony so your parents can hear your vows, one by the head table at the reception so they can hear the toasts and another one near the band so they can hear the music and dance along. When you speak to your wedding planner, remember to tell her about temporary Wifi for this special event.

More Than Just Parties

Family celebrations aren’t the only use for rented Wifi. Organizers use temporary Wifi for events of all kind: rock concerts, corporate conferences, carnivals, farmers’ markets and more.

Authors who write e-books have a special need for fast and reliable Internet at their exhibition events. Their books are digital, right? They don’t have anything to sell at their tables, but with a portable hotspot, they can use the Internet to order and deliver their books to their buyers immediately.

Use Wifi to Count the Crowd

Any company with an exhibition table at an event will welcome the rented Wifi. With a hotspot nearby, they’ll be able to use crowd counting software. It will tell them how many visitors stopped at their table, how long they stayed and whether they came back. That data will inform their decisions about their ROI and whether they’re happy enough to come back next year.

For info on temporary Wifi for events, connect with them on their website.

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