Jack Of All Trades; Or Master Of None?


When it comes to having any building constructed around the St. Augustine area of Florida, there are all sorts of local rules and regulations that must be complied with before the necessary permits will be issued. Depending upon the size and/or scope of an intended construction project, one may choose to put everything into the hands of a licensed firm of architects in St. Augustine.

Multidiscipline Multitasking In Construction
Architects today start with the basic design and, once the designs have been prepared, approved and all permits obtained, your architects will bid out the actual construction work on your behalf. This is commonly known as a design–bid–build process.

However, the practice of placing architects In St. Augustine on such a high pedestal is, historically, relatively new. Until less than 200 years ago, buildings were designed and their construction arranged and supervised by one person – usually skilled craftsmen in their own right – such as a carpenter or a stone mason. Such people became known as master builders and they would fit into the original praiseworthy meaning of “Jack Of All Trades”. However, like so many things, there were the good ones and then those not so good which led the term in general to become disparaging by the addition of “Master Of None”.

Building construction covers many disciplines apart from the basic design concept. These include landscapers to prepare the site; civil and structural engineers for the detailed planning of how to turn the architect’s concept into reality; electrical and plumbing specialists to design for the provision of utilities; then there is the actual construction itself plus the finishing off. Unless it is a very small project, can one person be master of it all?

The Role Of The Design–Build Contractor
Companies that describe themselves as capable of carrying out design-build construction projects are, effectively, turning the clock back millennia to the days of the master builders. They will be headed up by people recognized by the Design-Build Institute of America whose top certification of DBIA is awarded to those qualified in architecture, civil engineering or other construction related disciplines. They will also employ the requisite number of trained experts to supplement their knowledge to ensure that their firm really is a master of all trades when it comes to construction. These firms will also be licensed by the relevant authorities in the area where they practice, making them an ideal alternative to the Architects Of St. Augustine.

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