Is Your New Paving Installation In Port Orchard, WA Going To Last?


A property owner definitely wants to make sure their paving installation in Port Orchard WA is going to hold up. Often times, whether or not a paving installation lasts isn’t determined by the contractor who did the job. Quality contractors rarely make mistakes that can affect how long their installations last. Usually, problems with pavement can be traced to properly owners who do the wrong things. Everything starts as soon as the installation is complete. People have to know exactly what they should do and what they should avoid doing with their new asphalt.

After a new Paving Installation in Port Orchard WA, property owners have to make sure they don’t introduce any pointed objects to the area. Sharp and pointed objects can cause new asphalt to develop indentations. So, how long is new asphalt prone to problems from such objects? To be on the safe side, people should wait a year before allowing things like kickstands and other pointed objects on their asphalt. Even older installations can have problems with heavy and sharp objects when the temperature outside is very hot. People have to understand that asphalt can’t resist sharp things as well as concrete can.

There are more things that people will have to avoid if they don’t want to have to pay Northern Asphalt LLC or another company to fix their asphalt. Some people have preferred places they like to park. With new asphalt, there can’t be any preferred parking spots. It’s best to park vehicles in different areas each time to avoid any problems. If an area of new asphalt is frequently parked on, it can start to sink a little. Such depressions can be unsightly and cause people problems. Folks also need to avoid sharply turning their steering wheels on new asphalt. The sudden movement by the tires can cause problems.

Asphalt also has to be sealed. People can use the same contractors who did their installations. If any problems are ever noticed, it’s best to get on the phone to a paving contractor sooner rather than later. Minor imperfections can usually be easily corrected before they have a chance to cost a property owner a lot of their hard-earned money.

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