Is Your Home Warning You of the Need For Septic System Repair in Olympia WA?


A septic tank is still considered a must for homes that are located in rural areas of the country. These tanks help separate the solids from the liquids and prevent the contamination of the groundwater supply. The average tank will need to be pumped every two to five years. It is important for homeowners to be able to recognize the signs of problems with their system so they can seek immediate Septic System Repair in Olympia WA.

Common Types of Septic Tank Damage

There are many repair issues that can arise in the lifespan of a septic tank. Some problems are more common than others and can sometimes be avoided. The following are the most common reasons a home might need Septic System Repair in Olympia WA:

* Tree root damage – Homeowners are often surprised to learn tree roots can cause damage to their septic tank, pipes, or their soakaway. The roots can sometimes penetrate these areas and cause repair issues.

* Ground movement – The ground under a septic tank can move slightly and even sink over the years. When this occurs, cracks and other types of damage can result, causing problems with the septic tank performance.

* Vehicle damage – Surprisingly enough, farm tractors and other types of heavy vehicles can cause damage to a septic tank and its components. Driving over these areas should be avoided.

* Collapsed Baffle – A collapsed baffle can occur for various reasons. The baffle is the barrier that prevents the escape of solid waste from the tank. When this collapses, solid sewage can create quite a mess in a yard.

* Hydrostatic pressure – When large amounts of water develop underneath a septic tank, the great amount of pressure placed on the tank can cause damage and can even cause the tank to pop out of the ground.

Call Today For Repairs

If you are dealing with any septic tank repair issues, it is imperative you seek the help of a professional to ensure your tank is properly repaired or replaced. Call a plumber right away so your septic tank needs can be addressed and corrected as soon as possible.

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