Is Snoring in Boyertown, PA Something to Worry About?


Not everyone views snoring as being the sign of some type of medical issue. There are times when the snoring is more of an annoyance than the sign of a problem that needs to be corrected. To be on the safe side, it pays to mention the snoring in Boyertown PA to a physician and find out if it is a sign of a medical condition that needs attention. Here are some possible reasons for the snoring.

Chronic Nasal Congestion

Constriction in the nasal passages may be the underlying cause of the snoring in Boyertown PA. The congestion increases the potential of breathing through the mouth while sleeping. The congestion may require some type of treatment in order to control the condition. As the congestion is reduced, the snoring will become less of a problem.

Not Enough Sleep

In the world where people pride themselves on multi-tasking and working longer hours, it’s easy to not get enough recuperative sleep. When this happens, the individual may become sleep deprived. A lack of sleep can cause the muscles in the throat to not relax properly. As a result, the potential to snore more frequently is increased. Since a lack of sleep can also lead to issues with cognition and nerve function, it makes sense to set aside more time for sleep.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

For some people, it is not a matter of setting aside a reasonable amount of time for sleep. They have Obstructive Sleep Apnea, a condition that makes it harder to breathe and leads to frequent waking. The origin of the problem may be throat tissues that partially close off the airway and lead to the snoring. A physician can assess the situation and provide the course of treatment that is best for the patient.

For anyone who is finding that the snoring is getting to be a problem, Visit John F. Hyatt, D.D.S., P.C. and find out what’s happening. The underlying cause may be something minor that can be corrected with ease. Even if the snoring is a sign of a more serious health issue, rest assured there is a great deal that can be done to make things better.

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