Is It Time For Commercial New Roof Construction in Sugar Land?


When has a roof lost its ability to protect a building? When is it more expensive to keep repairing a commercial roof, than to replace it? Commercial building owners must decide the answer to these questions eventually. Roofing has a limited useful lifespan. Storms, wind, sun, and temperature change all take their toll on commercial roofs. Many commercial buildings have flat roofing systems which can also be subject to damage by people walking on them or by obstructions in drain mechanisms to allow water build up.

When Is A Commercial Roof Ready For Replacement?

A commercial building roof needs yearly inspections and maintenance to remain viable for the decades that are expected. If the building owner neglects a flat commercial roof, it will develop problems sooner and have a shorter life. Flat roofing systems rely on proper drainage to perform well. If the drainage openings get plugged, water can build up on the roof and cause damage and even roof leaks.

Flat roofing systems can require special coatings to be applied on a regular basis. Even if it is tempting to wait two years instead of the recommended one year between coatings, don’t be tempted. If a building owner is not sure what care the roof requires, they should Contact Allegiance Roofing or another quality commercial roofing company to inspect the roof and make maintenance and care recommendations. If a roof has already developed leaks, it may be time for Commercial New Roof Construction in Sugar Land.

New Roof Time

Many building owners put off replacing their commercial building roof because of the expense. But, a leaking roof is causing damage to the interior of a building that may very expensive to fix. A worn out, a leaking roof can affect the structural integrity of a building. Roof leaks can cause the roof deck to sag or rot and the roof joists to rot. A roof that is neglected and caves in can cause injury and extensive damage to the whole building. It is much more cost effective to keep a roof in good repair as long as possible and then have it replaced when it is worn out.

Commercial New Roof Construction in Sugar Land can be financed and a new roof can increase the rentability or the value of a commercial building. Please refer to the website for more information.

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