Inventory Protection with Video Security Cameras in Oklahoma City

by | Jul 7, 2014 | business services

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Inventory loss is one of the most expensive problems business owners face. Employee theft and robberies claim an alarming percentage of revenue. These losses can be prevented with the use of a security system. In most cases the presence of a surveillance system is enough to deter a would-be thief. Cameras along the exterior of a building can also help prevent theft or damage of vehicles, or even crime against customers or employees in a dark parking lot. Digital Video Security Cameras Oklahoma City for businesses can help save business owners money by preventing these thefts and other crimes.


Simply installing visible Video Security Cameras Oklahoma City can reduce shrinkage due to theft. Employees that know they are being monitored are much less prone to stealing. Customers that shoplift can be caught in the act, and apprehended before they leave the premises. Criminals looking for a store to rob are much less likely to commit a crime where video surveillance is obvious. When combined with other security measure most crimes can be prevented altogether. Even if a crime does occur its important that video evidence is reviewed to gather substantial evidence.


Service providers such as can help business owners choose which kind of camera system is best, and install those cameras in areas that allow the best visibility. Wireless cameras and other digital surveillance solutions can be installed on-site, along with recording appliances that save footage off-site. Having footage stored off-site is an important part of securing a place of business. If the recording appliance is stolen or damaged the footage will remain intact. As long as investigators can recover the surveillance footage there is a much better chance the offender will be caught.


In areas such as a parking lot or back area of a store robberies are much more likely to occur. With the help of a digital camera system employees will be able to spot suspicious characters in the area, and contact the police. Acts of vandalism and theft on vehicles can be recorded by external cameras. External video cameras also assure a safer environment as employees or customers leave at the end of the business day.





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