Information on Emancipation in Washington, Indiana


An emancipated minor can assume adult responsibilities before reaching age 18. A minor who has been emancipated is no longer under parental control and care; they are responsible for themselves. Read on to find out how a young person can gain emancipation in Washington Indiana, and to learn what kind of liabilities come as a person is emancipated.

Emancipation Explained

Emancipation in Washington, Indiana is accompanied by most of the rights and responsibilities of adulthood. In most cases, parents and guardians are responsible for the care and control of children under the age of majority (which is 18 in most states). Until a child reaches that age, parents are legally obligated to provide clothing, food and shelter, and they are also entitled to decide where a child will live and be educated. If a minor is emancipated, parents or guardians can no longer dictate life choices. The minor can keep job earnings, decide where he or she will live, and make his or her own decisions.

Rights and Responsibilities of Emancipated Minors

An emancipated minor can function as an adult in most ways. Rights vary slightly by state, but in most cases, minors can:

     *     Enter into contracts such as apartment rentals or car loans.

     *     Enroll in a school of his/her choosing.

     *     Be sued, or bring a lawsuit.

     *     Apply for work permits and keep income.

     *     Make healthcare choices.

Most states do put limits on the rights of emancipated minors. For instance, most states do not allow emancipated minors to do the following:

     *     Quit school.

     *     Drink or buy alcohol.

     *     Get married without consent from parents.

     *     Get a driver’s license or vote before the legal age.

Ways to Become Emancipated

Eligibility requirements depend on state law but minors can typically become emancipated by joining the military, getting married or petitioning the court. Some territories and states, such as Puerto Rico and Louisiana, allow limited emancipations with parental consent.

If a child wants to become emancipated or is considering a court petition, he or she should visit the website to learn more about state law and how it will affect the rest of his or her life.

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