Information Obtainable from a Divorce Lawyer in Mankato, MN

Information Obtainable from a Divorce Lawyer in Mankato, MN

In Minnesota, divorce petitioners must review all possibilities when filing their motion. They must assess any issues that could arise as a result of filing for a divorce. This includes the actions of their spouse that could delay the process. The following is information that is obtainable from a divorce lawyer in Mankato, MN.

Standard Procedures for a Divorce

The standard procedures for a divorce start with filing the motion. The petitioner must provide the attorney with information about their marriage and about their spouse in particular. The summons and the agreement are sent to their spouse for an answer. The defendant must answer this motion and sign the agreement before sixty days have passed. If they fail to respond, the petitioner can acquire a divorce through a default judgment.

What Complicates a Divorce?

The division of marital property and child custody are the two primary issues that lead to complications. If the couple cannot agree to the terms, they will have to attend mediation to discuss their differences. This process takes several hours over a course of weeks depending on the size of the marital estate. It provides both sides to discuss their desires for property and assets as well as child custody and support assignments. If the couple cannot agree, they must attend a divorce trial.

The Impact of a Divorce Trial

A divorce trial can last up to two years. It requires the couple to attend hearings before the judge. The judge reviews the wants of each side and reviews the best opportunities for marital property division. The judge assesses the couple to determine who should acquire custody and assigns a value for support. The entire process can become stressful, and it takes all control from the couple and places it in the judge’s hands.

In Minnesota, divorce petitioners must review all possible outcomes when approaching a divorce. They must review issues that can create negative outcomes and lead to a possible trial. If they can’t agree, their most suitable option is mediation. Petitioners who need help in a divorce case contact a divorce lawyer in Mankato, MN by visiting Blatzlawminnesota.com today.

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