Information about Gutter Guards in Connecticut


Gutter guards make maintenance of gutters much easier. Gutter Guards in Connecticut protect the gutters from debris such as leaves, twigs, snow, and pine needles further protecting the gutters and home. This innovation simply fits inside of your gutter making installation quick and easy.

Gutter Guards in Connecticut protect the gutter from buildup and allows the natural flow of water. There are several types of gutter guards to choose from such as a reverse hood, one piece, foam, sponge, plastic, metal, and steel micro mesh. Most homeowner and business owners choose aluminum with steel micro mesh because of the cost and durability. When it comes to the upkeep of gutter guards, it is minimal. Most gutter guards receive no maintenance in their lifetime. If they do, it simply requires cleaning them out with a leaf blower or water hose.

When installing gutter guards, it is an easy task. Since gutter guards sit in the preexisting gutter, it does not penetrate shingles, which can compromise the roof. A contractor will come out and measure the gutters to ensure a perfect fit. Then, they will simply slide the gutter guard in the gutter and secure it. They can be installed with any roof pitch and any type of shingles. Many would think that with the gutter guards, there would be an overflow of water. This is not true because the guards allow the same flow of water while catching the debris.

Without gutter guards, the home is vulnerable to more damage. Debris will be able to compile into the gutters, preventing them from working properly. This can cause water damage to occur inside and outside of the home. Along with water damage, the build up of debris can cause infiltration. This makes the home susceptible to structural damage along with foundation issues. Since gutter guards do not disturb the natural flow of water, they are perfect to protect the home and gutters. Gutter guards are affordable, making them easily available to homeowners and business owners.

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