Information About Feed For Show Cows At An Animal Cattle Service In El Dorado Hills CA


If you own a large ranch or even a small farm, and you have show cattle, you want the animals to thrive by keeping them healthy. The nutrition that cattle get from their feed is the most important aspect of a growing cattle herd and winners in the show ring. Below you’ll learn about the recommended types of feed that’s available for show cows and calves at a business that specializes in Animal Cattle Service in El Dorado Hills CA.

Feed For Show Cattle

Cattle that are destined for the show ring must have the physical qualities that the judges are looking for. To ensure that show cattle develop as they should, livestock owners should purchase a feed that has the essential trace minerals that a show cow needs. These include manganese, copper, and zinc for a healthy immune system, a shiny coat and energy management. In addition to grain, show cows should also consume quality hay every day.

Feed For Show Calves

Show calves can reach their maximum potential when they’re fed a complete feed that enhances their development. This type of sweet feed also contains minerals that are important at this stage of a calf’s life. Starter feeds are often recommended for young calves because it has a higher percentage of protein, minerals and fiber. After the calves are eating good, and if they’re at the correct weight for their age, feeds that assist with bone and muscle growth can be started.

Cows and calves should have plenty of fresh water available at all times. Stalls, pens, and feeding areas must be cleaned out at least once a day for health reasons. Individuals who are new to showing cattle can visit a business that specializes in Animal Cattle Service in El Dorado Hills CA. A knowledgeable representative can explain the differences in the various types of feeds and offer advice about feeding schedules and nutrition.

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