Industrial Mishaps in Pittsburgh

by | Jul 23, 2014 | Personal Injury

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Working in an industrial setting can bring with it many opportunities to injury one’s self. The heavy machinery, the intense heat, the fumes and the pressure can put workers at great risk of bodily harm. Genially these workers can experience a work place accident then not know what to do or where to go afterwards. Their hard work is then thanked after the incident by being left to fend for themselves and struggle to get on with their lives. It is in this situation which the affected worker should seek a workers compensations attorney in Pittsburgh. But first, what are the main reasons for industrial injuries?

What Counts as an “Industrial Injury”?

Industrial injuries a mainly caused by the following reasons:

• Manually handling heavy equipment

• Unmaintained equipment causing equipment failure

• Un-trained workers using equipment causing equipment misuse

• Poor ergonomics

• Not correct or loose safety clothing

• Not adequate safety training,

Most often these incidents will affect the workers hands, legs, head, eyes, lungs, spine, skeleton, and skin. These are virtually all the main aspects of your body that need to be in working order in able to return to work. If any of these injuries seems familiar, then you need to find a worker’s compensation attorney in Pittsburgh. These attorneys will review your situation and help you decided which is the best course of action to take. However the best course of action is always prevention in these cases. Yes, you can fight and win compensation after the incident but it’s always better to not have the incident in the first place.

How can these Incidents be Prevented?

Industrial incidents which cause injuries can easily be prevented if the right measures are put in place and enforced. First, a safety team should be anticipating problems by performing risk assessments, and then use these risk assessments to propose different safety sanctions which will make the work environment less hazardous. Using these risk assessment investigations to find the root causes of past issues can bring up safety issues which otherwise wouldn’t be considered.

Aspects such as safety clothing and training to industry standards when it comes to industrial sites can also help. Safety guards and barriers are also very helpful, though not always implemented. Extra safety equipment for machinery experts such as personal and building ventilation equipment and the use of machinery safety mechanisms also are very helpful when it comes to accident prevention.

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