Industrial Bench Scales: Common, Reliable, Affordable

by | Aug 17, 2017 | business services

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Scales come in various types, sizes, and styles. They find applications in diverse industries and commercial enterprises. Among the most common ones available in warehouses and other industries are industrial bench scales. Companies of all types utilize them – particularly in warehouses where they perform a necessary function in ensuring the set goal is met both entering and leaving the premises.


While bench scales are available in many different types, including industrial, heavy duty and food weighing, essentially, companies, such as those serving their clients in Dallas TX, divide them into two specific types:

1. All-in-one: This form of industrial bench scale features an integrated platform and weighing indicator

2. Detachable: This type of bench scale possesses both a detachable platform and weighing indicator

Each type of industrial bench scale comes with certain features. The specifics depend on the manufacturer. Yet, whatever the version, these industrial bench scales are chosen based on specific characteristics.

Basic Characteristics

An industrial bench scale, to be successful, must meet certain criteria. Companies in Dallas TX expect them to provide accurate measurements – an essential quality in many industries e.g. food processing, courier package sorting. However, these weighing devices must also be
Durable – particularly if in position at docking stations in warehouses

Highly functional

Affordable – many different companies produce them making a good price range possible

Compact –in both size and frame for easy and ready positioning

Lightweight – allowing for easy mobility


To achieve lightness of weight and durability, companies produce bench scales using sheet material. Often a preference is shown for iron, stainless steel, nickel, and brass.

Industrial Bench Scales

Weighing ingredients and other related items is an important component of many industrial concerns. Of the many different types of scales readily available for such usage, industrial bench scales tend to be the most common. In cities such as Dallas TX, they find regular application in food processing, agriculturally related and large and small warehouses.

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