Independent Auto Repair Shops, Visit One In Cicero


A wise vehicle owner must be aware of two important things: when his or her car needs service and repair, and where to take it. Other than attempting to do the work yourself, which is not recommended, there are only two options; take it to the dealership where you bought the car or take it to an independent shop in Cicero that is well known for quality auto repair. The big difference between the two is cost. Dealer’s mechanics can certainly do the work well, but at a high price. A competent, independent repair shop can do the work just as well, but you can rest assured you will save money.

Dealerships have a different focus:

Dealerships offer service and repairs, but in actuality, the primary business of any dealership is to sell new and pre-owned cars. This is not the case with a local independent auto repair shop; their focus is on auto repair, nothing more, nothing less. Independent shops in Cicero are well equipped with modern diagnostic equipment and use the same technology, but as they do not have to carry the overhead associated with a showroom and used car lot; they can do the same or an even better job at a lower price.

When you purchase a new car, it is covered by an extensive warranty. It is not necessary to have your new car serviced and repaired at the dealership; an independent shop can do the work correctly without having any effect on the new car warranty. The same quality replacement parts are used, and ASE-certified automotive technicians perform the work.

Odds are you will never meet anyone in the dealership service area other than the coordinator. When you take your vehicle to an independent shop in Cicero, you will get an opportunity to meet the mechanic and discuss your auto repair concerns. Over time, you will establish a relationship that is good for you and good for the shop.

Quality auto repair at a competitive price, performed by skilled technicians using the best parts available is what car owners want. Visit Trans-O-Mex in Cicero or visit website to book an appointment.

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