Improve The Tire Life On Semis

by | Sep 28, 2016 | Automotive

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If you own one or a hundred and one semis you know that the cost of tires replacement is more than the rest of replacement parts put together. To maintain fleet profitability, increasing the life of tires is a good way to do it.

It may not be immediately obvious but one of the keys is preventative replacement of shock absorbers rather than wait until you have to have to undergo truck repair in Bridgeview and have the shocks replaced because they have worn out. By taking action before it becomes absolutely necessary you can stop excessive tractor bounce which is one of the major contributors to tire wear.

Suspensions have changed:

In the last ten or fifteen years there has been a noticeable increase in tire wear on semis. There is a reason, the changing from vibration dampers to soft air suspension. These suspensions have little inherent dampening, on rough roads the wheels bounce and hop around, this leads to rapid shock wear. As the vehicle bounces there is a major change in the footprint of the tire on the road, this leads to tire wear.

It is not difficult to spot a tire that has been subjected to this kind of abuse; the tire wears excessively alongside the grooves and on the outside edge.

Prevention is the key:

The objective is to not let this condition start in the first place. Once the tire begins to wear it will just get worse, and quickly, to overcome this it is highly recommended that during routine truck repair in Bridgeview that shocks should be changed before they wear out completely. If it becomes necessary to replace tires due to irregular wear, it is also time to replace the shocks.

It makes no sense to replace tires and then let them wear out quickly. It is a lot less expensive to replace shocks than it is tires. As well as increasing tire life, new shocks increase the life of chassis components and other suspension components.

If you are finding the tire life on your semi is less than it should be, the problem may be the shocks. When you rely on Wilrae, Inc for your truck repair in Bridgeview you can be assured that this and other maintenance issues will not be overlooked. Visit them online at

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