Important Information on Orthodontic Care in Bayside, NY

by | Jul 16, 2014 | Dentist

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There are many reasons your teeth might not be properly aligned. When you experience this issue, your smile will not look as attractive and you may experience undue pain and pressure in your jaw. Though this problem can be difficult to deal with in many ways, there are treatment options available. Through orthodontic care in Bayside, NY, your teeth can be properly aligned, so your smile looks and functions better than you ever thought possible.


How Does the Dentist Treat Your Teeth With Braces?


Treating your teeth for braces first begins with taking X-rays and photographs. These will be used to help the dentist formulate your plan of treatment and see how much progress you are making during your treatment. The dentist may also make the decision to make impressions of your teeth.


Before the dentist can place your braces on your teeth, they will need to be completely cleaned. The cleaning process helps to remove plaque and food particles, so they do not interfere with the brackets being able to be adhered to your teeth. Each tooth will have a bracket placed on the front. These brackets are adhered, using a special dental adhesive, that immediately cures with a UV light.


Once each bracket is in place, wiring will be run through the brackets. The wiring will be adjusted throughout your treatment period, so your teeth can be brought into their proper position. This normally takes about a year, depending on the degree of alignment issues you have. Children will normally need longer treatment periods, because their teeth are continuously changing during the growing period. At the beginning of your treatment, the dentist will be able to inform you of how long your treatment period may last.


If you or your child are dealing with teeth alignment issues, orthodontic care in Bayside, NY can help. Northern Plaza Dental Care will provide you with the best in orthodontic care, so your smile will look amazing. Contact them to schedule your consultation appointment, so you can learn what type of orthodontic treatment will best benefit your smile.

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