Important Expenses Associated with Moving to Be Aware Of

Important Expenses Associated with Moving to Be Aware Of

When it’s time to move from your current home into a new home, you may find yourself visiting the Internet to get some quotes on the moving project. The vast majority of moving companies offer quotes for free, which is something you should take advantage of. That said, be aware that not every fee is seen in an estimate. Here are a few things you should keep in mind about moving expenses.

Moving Up and Down Stairs

You must make sure the company providing your moving services in Birmingham, AL is aware of any stairs in your home that will need to be used during the moving process. This is important because there may be charges associated with moving from a floor above ground where there is no elevator access to use. This can add a significant amount to your final bill, so be sure that you explain your situation, so it is accounted for.

Need for Specific Delivery Time

When you have a small amount of time in which you need your belongings to be delivered, this can lead to a more expensive fee. If you have a more open window for delivery, it can make your bill a bit cheaper. If you will be needing a delivery at a specific time, be upfront about that when an estimator comes to look at your belongings.

Fees for Materials

Each company offering moving services in Birmingham, AL will have their own rules and guidelines. Make sure you have a copy of this and you follow it to the letter. If you do not box up something that you were supposed to, you may end up charged for the movers to do so. This can be much more expensive than boxing up the item on your own.

Weighty Items

Depending on the company, some movers build a quote around a certain weight. This means if your weight estimate is wrong, you may be paying for it later. When the movers show up and move things, they will weigh it. If it seems off, there will typically be a second weigh. Any additional weight may add to your bill. Ask the company you plan to use for moving services in Birmingham, AL how they come up with their estimates and costs.

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