Important Considerations In A Charlotte, NC Warehouse

Important Considerations In A Charlotte, NC Warehouse

One of the challenges of a growing business in Charlotte, NC is finding space to store product, inventory, old records and even extra equipment. To address these storage needs, a third party warehouse may be the perfect option to provide you with not just space, but support in inventory management, delivery and overall asset management.

The good news is that within the city there are some highly recognized, top quality warehouse facilities that offer these additional features. When comparing your options there are the obvious things such as price and actual storage conditions to consider, but there are some other less obvious considerations that should be evaluated before making a final choice.


When you consider accessibility in a warehouse there are really two different factors to consider. The first is the ability to actually get into and out of the facility as the customer.

Some warehouses are very open, and clients can view their inventory or be on the premises as they need to be. For others, access may be only at specific times or by appointment. Either option is a good option; it just has to match your particular needs.

The second component of accessibility is how feasible the location is for delivery and shipment. Is it close to where your customers are located or is it near to your place of production or a major transportation hub?

Ease of Shipping and Receiving

When it comes to loading docks, doors and bay areas, the type of items you will be storing in the warehouse need to be considered. For standard pallet loads this is often not an issue unless you require a specific size of truck for delivery and shipping.

Additionally, how is the warehouse set up inside to allow for easy movement of materials from your storage areas to the dock? The more organized warehouse facilities have clear paths that easily accommodate loading equipment, minimizing the risk of damage.


Thinking into the future means considering the flexibility the warehouse provides with regards to increasing your inventory in storage or adding to your regular orders handled through the facility.

When the warehouse in Charlotte NC has the ability to grow with your needs and to offer the support in logistics and asset management you need, you know you have found the right facility for your short and long-term warehousing requirements.

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