Ideas for an Employee Service Award


When it comes to your employees, what motivates them? What keeps your employees being dedicated and working hard for just one company? Often times people dedicate years of their lives working for the same company. As a manager, or the person in charge, it is your duty to keep your employees motivated enough that they want to continue working for your company. However, sometimes all an employee needs is an award to keep themselves motivated. Here are a few ideas that can be used as a service awards for employees.

Now, we all love jewelry of course. The reason we all love jewelry is because we feel that there is sentimental meaning behind it. Which is why women love getting spoiled with jewelry. One of the things that you can give your employee is a pin. Sure a pin is not a lot, but it can be used as an employee service award for when employees make 5 years with your company. What you can do is level the employee service awards by the number of years that the employee works with the company.
After an employee makes 10 years, they can be provided with a dedication ring. Knowing that they will be receiving a ring after putting in 10 years with the company should give the employees some form of motivation.

Of course, there are employees who manage to work for the company for more than ten years. For the employees who make it up to 15 years with a company, they can be given a necklace or a chain engraved with a nice message from the company, appreciating their hard work.

Now it is very rare for employees to work for a company for more than 15 years, but it happens. For the employees who make it to 20 years with a company, they can be given a watch. The watch can also have a nice message engraved on the back of it.

Motivating someone has never been easy. By giving your employees a jewelry award will show them how much you appreciated their hard work and dedication throughout all the years that they have been employed with you. Show your employees how much you appreciate them by giving them an award showing them that you appreciate the years they have put into the company. You can visit J. Jenkins Sons Co. Inc. for more ideas regarding an Employee Service Award.

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