How to tell if you need New Windows


As a homeowner you look out your windows everyday but might not be noticing some tell tale signs its time for window replacement. There are several signs you might need new Double Glazing Edinburgh homeowners require but you need to know how to recognize them. Here are the signs you need new windows:

1. Difficult Operation: If you are having difficulty opening and closing your windows this is a sign you could need new windows. However this can also be a sign you have structural issues especially if your windows are “sticking” when you try to open them.

2. Drafts: If you find it chillier when you are near your windows this is a sure sign your double glazing is failing. Stand by your windows and put your hand up and see if the air feels cold. If so it’s time for new windows.

3. Overall Cold Home: If you are always cold in your home and are constantly cranking up the furnace chances are the double glazing in Edinburgh home is not doing its job. This can be said for a home that is difficult to keep cool with air conditioning as well.

4. Cold, Foggy Windows: If you find your windows are often fogged over and are very cold to the touch your window is no longer providing a protective barrier. Fog and condensation occur when the cold air from outside hits the warm air inside.

5. Damaged Frames: Take a look at your windows from the outside and see how they look. If you see peeling paint or rust this is a sign your window frames are old and could be failing. Wood windows with peeling paint can lead to rot and structural issues. Rusty old metal frames can begin to crumble. If you have what you believe to be PVC (plastic) windows and they have yellowed this is another sign the integrity of the frames is at risk.

6. Broken Locks: Windows are one of the easiest ways for intruders to enter your home. If you have broken locks on your windows, or older style windows that are easy to pry open you might want to consider new windows to keep your home secure.

7. Damaged Panes: Of course if you have cracked or broken panes of glass it is time for a replacement even if you just arrange for the glass to be replaced. Damaged double glazing in Edinburgh windows can be dangerous especially if you have small children who can lean on it and fall out the window.

If your windows are showing these signs of age it is time to make some inquiries to arrange for replacements. Visit www.windowadvicecentre.co.uk for more information.

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