How to Stop Excess Humidity in Air Conditioning in Kent WA

How to Stop Excess Humidity in Air Conditioning in Kent WA

If the air inside the home has a musty or damp smell or it feels moist enough to fog up the windows, it’s time to call for repairs on air conditioning in Kent WA. As the experts know, an improperly sized or inadequate system can leave the entire house sticky and warm, make the system work harder and longer, and prematurely age materials such as wallpaper and wood. Fortunately, it’s easy to stop the discomfort and damage with a few simple solutions. With an examination by a local HVAC company, it’s simple to eliminate humidity and get utility costs under control.

Troubleshooting and Evaluation

The first part of the process is to ask an air conditioning repair expert to troubleshoot the system. Most indoor humidity problems arise from an improperly sized AC system, or one that’s not powerful enough for the home. Where air conditioning is concerned, bigger isn’t always better. For instance, an oversized unit will cool the home too quickly without taking the extra humidity out of the air. A local air conditioning repair service can recommend the right size and type of unit for any home.

Inspecting the Entire Ductwork System

Once the efficiency and size of the system is determined, the technician will make any necessary replacements, repairs and adjustments to get things working again. The technician can inspect the home for leaks in the ductwork, which can allow outdoor air and water vapor to get into the home. By including a ductwork evaluation in a maintenance call, a homeowner can ensure that they’re covering every possibility and stopping problems at the source.

Adding a Dehumidification Feature

Finally, the homeowner can ask the HVAC repair experts about air conditioning in Kent WA with dehumidification features, or the addition of a ducted dehumidifier. These tools typically come with intelligent controls, and they are quite popular in warm and muggy climates.

Summer is here, and with it comes heat and humidity. Don’t lose any more indoor comfort to excess humidity. Call a local air conditioning repair service today, or visit their website to find out more about their services and products.

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