How to Spot Bed Bugs in Tacma


Bed bugs are a common problem that many households face. Rather than dealing with the problem alone, homeowners should contact professional landscape and pest service agents to do the job. Before calling, though, it’s imperative to learn how to spot bed bugs and know what signs to look for to ensure there truly is an infestation in the home.

Look for Rusty Spots

Bed Bugs in Tacoma are easy to find when looking for the right signs. The first might be rusty spots on sheets. They may be reddish in appearance or have a brownish look, left behind by crushed bugs. There may also be darker spots on the sheets, left behind because of the blood the bugs sucked, or excrement from the bugs themselves.

Find the Live Bugs

Most of the bugs will be in a clan, sticking close together and hiding away from plain sight. Once a resident finds a plethora of live bugs, they know they’ve found the main spot the infestation likes to stay. This will help the pest control expert know where to focus his efforts when eliminating the problem and setting up prevention methods for the future.

Inspect Seams and Crevices

Bed bugs like to hide in all the seams and crevices they can. Look at curtains, bed sheets, under the mattress, near the corners of doors, and against the baseboards in all rooms. They may even find their way into loose wall paper trimmings and near screws set into walls. A magnifying glass might help perform a closer search.


Even if no live bugs are ever found, it may be possible to find eggs. Some might get left behind, making it easier to see where the bugs at least were at one point. Exterminators can focus their efforts on this area if it’s found. Bed bug eggs are a pale yellow rather than white.

Spotting bed bugs is easier said than done. The tiny insects like to hide themselves well, and only come out at night once people have made their way to bed. Bed Bugs in Tacoma can be eliminated with the help of an expert after signs of an infestation have been found.

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