How to Qualify for Medical Marijuana in Illinois

How to Qualify for Medical Marijuana in Illinois

Back in 2013, the Governor of Illinois signed a law into effect which legalized medical marijuana for medicinal use. After two long years, medical cannabis sales have officially started this past month – November of 2015. State-licensed centers that cultivate the product began shipping to state-licensed and approved dispensaries for patients waiting to be serviced. The process – though a long awaited one – is a huge leap for the state of Illinois. Illinois, among many other states, have legalized medical marijuana for medicinal use; seeing value in this alternative therapy for those suffering from several chronic and debilitating conditions. The process for approval to qualify for such service is not an easy one, to say the least. So, how do you get medical marijuana in Morris and throughout the state of Illinois? Here are some helpful hints that will get your started on the process.

Qualifying Conditions

Patients who are applying to the program – prior to filling out an application – must be qualified for admittance. There are a number of qualifying conditions, deemed appropriate by the Department of Public Health and the Medical Cannabis Advisory Board, that enable patients to successfully apply to the program and access medical marijuana. The list, which is rather extensive, includes a number of chronic and debilitating conditions, including HIV/AIDS, Crohn’s Disease, ALS, and Lupus – among many others. Patients are cleared for these conditions by their physician, directly.


The first step towards attaining medical marijuana is by filling out an application. Any individual who is seeking medical marijuana in Morris needs to apply to the Medical Cannabis Program, directly. The Medical Cannabis Registry Identification Card application can be filled out in person and submitted to the program, directly, via mail or local drop-off to the Department of Public Health. Applications can be accessed online, as well. The application includes a full list of instructions that will tell you specifically what you need to submit when you apply. There is a processing fee associated with the submission of applications and applications are processed as they are received. Typically, it does not take long for the Department of Public Health to process the application and respond to the prospective applicant.

Choosing a Dispensary

Once prospective applicants – who are qualified and have submitted completed applications – are submitted to the program, they can then select a medical cannabis dispensary. While patients and caregivers who are qualified for the program can access any dispensary across the state, they must align themselves with a specific site in order to make a purchase. This is done by completing another application form, which can be accessed online. A complete listing of licensed, approved and regulated dispensaries can be found online as well.

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