How to Legally Stop Foreclosures in Marietta, GA


Even though the housing market has rebounded from its crash, there is still a great deal of fallout that has to be dealt with. Banks still have a huge backlog of homes that need to be foreclosed upon. This backlog can be quite significant, and many banks are trying as hard as possible to clear it out.

Unfortunately, with the hurried approach some banks take to get these homes off their balance sheets, mistakes can happen. Sometimes, people’s homes are foreclosed on even when they’re not behind on their mortgage payments. Other times, in their rush to foreclose on homes, banks fail to follow the proper procedures involved in foreclosure. This gives the homeowner the opportunity to stop foreclosures in Marietta, GA.

If a person feels like their home is being foreclosed on in error, or perhaps they feel that the foreclosure process wasn’t done correctly, the best way to determine if this is the case is by speaking with an attorney. Unless a person has extensive knowledge of the foreclosure process, it may be difficult for them to determine where a bank went wrong.

Fortunately, the attorneys a person will find at website understand this process well. By looking briefly at the situation, they can typically determine whether the bank has made an error in foreclosing on the home or if it hasn’t followed the procedures properly. Arguing the cessation of the foreclosure under these conditions can give the homeowner a great deal of flexibility in moving forward.

In some cases, the courts can halt the foreclosure process and could award the homeowner punitive damages to compensate them for the hassle and the stress that faulty foreclosure proceedings brought on. In other cases, this gives the homeowner enough time to negotiate with the bank to stop the foreclosure process for good.

The fact is that there are more potential outcomes in these situations than can be mentioned in this article. Suffice to say that, if you feel like the foreclosure process wasn’t pursuant to existing regulations or if you feel that the bank is in error when foreclosing on your home, it’s worth speaking to an attorney. Having legal representation could help you fight and stop foreclosures in Marietta, GA either temporarily or for good.

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