How to keep your team motivated all year long


With the end of the year approaching, your staff may be losing steam as they try and reach their yearly goals. Perhaps they’ve given up, or they are busy with holiday preparations and don’t have time to work on their business. Maybe they’re wondering why they didn’t work harder the rest of the year so that they wouldn’t be in such a pinch now. As a broker/owner, you need to motivate your staff to do their best all year long. Along with giving them the tools and resources to do their job properly, such as an advanced real estate management system, here are some other ways to keep your staff motivated:

   * Team building exercises: Stress the fact that everyone in your office is a team. Yes, when it comes down to it, they all compete for listings, but there has to be a sense of comradery throughout the office. Team building exercises are a great way to get everyone in the office on the same page and they will be more apt to work together and help each other advance their careers.

   * Encourage them to do something every day: Even some activity, done every day, will net results. Make five phone calls to potential clients, create a social media campaign, knock on doors in one neighborhood. It’s laser-focused action that creates results. Straightening the office desk does not count as action.

   * Sales training courses: There are always ways to improve, so even your top realtor should be enrolled in training courses. With new technology and new ways to advertise, there is always something to learn. When your team is armed with knowledge they will be more confident and motivated to go out and test this new knowledge.

Having the right tools is also a big motivator. Advanced real estate management systems can streamline the process of overseeing the deal so everything runs smoothly from beginning to end. For more information visit https://www.reesio.com/.

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