How to Identify, Prevent and Control Termites Infestation

How to Identify, Prevent and Control Termites Infestation

Termites, though small, can cause collapse of big structures if not detected and treated early enough. They are hard to spot because they don’t often surface. Dealing with these pests without any knowledge about them can be very daunting, and so hiring a qualified terminator would be the best option as he has all it takes to detect, prevent and control Termites. If you decide to go the do-it-yourself way, here are some helpful tips you should know.

How to detecting termites

The first step involves finding out if you have an infestation. Since termites do not easily surface, you will not be able to spot them just by looking at the surface. You will have to use different tactics like looking for mud tubes that have small cream-white insects on areas that you suspect to have been infested of these pests. You can also examine the exposed wood for hollow spots using simple tools like a flat-head screwdriver. Finally, try identifying termite swarms.

Preventing termites

Don’t wait until there are visible signs of termites infestation in your home to start preventive and control measures, rather follow the following tips to ensure that you don’t suffer huge structural damages in the future.

1. Ensure that you schedule an annual termite checkup
2. Do not store untreated wood near your home and use termite resistant lumber for construction.
3. Avoid moist soils around you home because it attracts termites
4. Find out which construction techniques will best prevent termite infestation
5. Call an exterminator when you see a termite tube to deal with them in a professional way.
6. Do a thorough inspection of a house before you buy it

Controlling termites

There are a number of methods that you can use to control these pests, and they include non-chemical treatments, chemical treatments, conventional barrier treatments and termite baits. You might need a professional since doing it yourself might not get rid of the whole colony. Besides that, some methods used to control them should be handled with a lot of care.

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