How to Go About Finding an Office Space for Rent


Finding office space in today’s business world is more challenging than ever. Prices can be quite steep and many smaller businesses might be uncertain how much space they actually need. Here are some tips to help you find office space for rent in Brisbane or the Gold Coast.


First take a look at your budget and decide how much you can afford without taking too much chance of losses. You want to keep your overhead as low as possible. For a business just starting out it might make sense to look for a shared office space or to hire a space when needed for client meetings, etc. This way you can begin to establish yourself without having a large rent to worry about each month. As well many modern offices offer the option to pay a small fee to have access to office equipment such as photocopiers, fax machines and even their phone service. This can save money on capital expenses for equipment.


There is more to location than meets the eye. You have to consider your travel time, whether it will be possible to find staff willing to travel to your location and if you have general vicinity that suits your clients. All of these factors come into play when considering the location of your office space for rent.

Of course you want to ensure you have a building that people will not feel nervous visiting with a presentable lobby and well tended grounds. You also want to consider parking and how it might factor in to your rent. More than anything you want an office building that projects the right image. If you are a funky ad agency than you might not want a building that looks like it is rented by lawyers and vice versa.

What is Covered

Many people new to renting space are unaware of some of the additional fees they might be charged. For example in many cases the more common area there is in an office building, the more you will be paying. Make sure you discus all the incidentals with the landlord so you do not end up paying more for the lobby then you do your own private area. Again it is often ideal for a smaller business to consider a shared office space or a hired space for meetings to avoid large fees and reduce overhead.

If you are in need of an office space for rent in Brisbane, the Gold Coast or Melbourne visit website to learn more about the rooms and services available at Corporate House.

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