How To Find pest control in Gig Harbor


For many homeowners or property owners, when it comes to landscaping, they generally focus on tending to the grass, shrubbery, or trees. To take this care a step further, though, they should be using a specialist in pest control in Gig Harbor and engaging in a shrub and tree care spraying program control insects, mites, and fungi. This short guide will educate those in need of pest control.

Get on a Regular Schedule

The best way to prevent pests from ruining trees and bushes is to get on a regular program. Regular, annual applications have proven to be very effective in reducing pest problems in tree and shrubs. Find a company that will handle the applications carefully using experienced and well-trained technicians who are also licensed.

Identify The Problem

Finding a company that specializes in pest control in Gig Harbor that also knows how to target the problem can be invaluable for customers. This can include knowing what specific pest problems to go after and even knowing the life cycle, behavior, and biology of the offending pests. The more experienced company experts will know precisely the right time of year to exercise specific pest controls.

Different Sprays for Different Seasons

Springtime spraying should focus on early fungal suppression as well as control of insect larvae. Spraying in the summertime helps provide protection from adult insect attacks as well as fungi. The autumn spray will guard trees and shrubs against adult pests that lay eggs and also suppresses over-wintering fungi spores.

Deal With a Local Company With a Long History

Customers should try to find a pest control company with over 30 years of experience. Ask if they are members of the National Pest Management Association as well as the Washington State Pest Management Association. Finding a company that can also handle property management as well as weed management will allow customers to make only one phone call for all of their landscaping needs. Additionally, if one is ever faced with a rodent problem, finding a pest control service that also can handle getting rid of mice and rats can be a big relief.

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