How To Find A Motivational Speaker Willing To Speak In Barcelona Spain


Company owners everywhere have realized the benefits that a motivational speaker can provide. From more productivity and boosted morale to open communication, speakers can be used to bring forth change, boost confidence and more. However, business owners in Barcelona Spain may not know that they’ve got just as much of a shot as hiring speakers from the US as everyone else.


It’s important to book your speakers well in advance, as they may fill up appointments quickly. When choosing a US-based motivational speaker for your Barcelona Spain event, you’ll also have to make sure that they will have enough time to travel to the country, relax and get settled, handle the presentation, and get to their next gig.

Willing To Travel

While most speakers are willing to travel, some may only book events in their local region or within the US. Once you’ve determined that they’re available for the event, you need to ensure they’re willing to travel. Because it’s an out-of-country speech, they may require that you pay them more money. However, some are willing to take their standard rate if you provide transportation and accommodations while they’re there.

Hear A Presentation

Once you know they’ll visit, and they’re available, you should listen to a few presentation or request samples. Most speakers have a website filled with demo speeches. Likewise, you may be able to find samples in video-streaming services and other locations.

Passion And Skill

When listening to their presentation or talking with them on the phone, it’s important to judge their abilities and passion. They should be passionate about what they do and be able to tailor their speech to the needs of your group. Likewise, they should sound professional and have experience in your industry.

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