How to Find a Genuine Scrap Gold Buyer in Rome

by | Oct 13, 2014 | Gold

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Gold is a priceless metal; it has been considered to be a secure asset with numerous business applications. If you are seeking to sell your unused gold such as jewelry in return for hard cash, you will find that there are numerous dealers in the market who are interested to trade with you. However, weeding out the real experts among the flock of gold buyers can be extremely tricky. Here are tips that will help you navigate the muddy waters of finding a genuine Scrap Gold Buyer in Rome.


1. Select a reputable dealer: Look for a dealer who has been in your community for a long time. Such dealers will have a reputation to protect and will be less likely to give you a raw deal.
2. Ensure that your potential buyer is permanent: Check to ensure that your prospective dealer has a fixed address. Visit their location to be sure, don’t just call.
3. Conduct an online search for complaints if any against your prospective buyer. Common places to look include review websites and better Business Bureau among others. You may also visit the buyer’s website and see whether the buyer is upfront about prices.
4. Settle for a buyer who covers things such as insurance and trackable shipping. Avoid buyers with no customer protection.
5. Ensure that your buyer is licensed to buy scrap gold, and they are operating their company in accordance with the state law. Check to ensure that they are members of Better Business Bureau to gauge their honesty while finding out their repute in the market.
6. Find a buyer that will make prompt payments as soon as they receive your gold. Some buyers will deliberately delay the payments; if your dealer says that the payment will be sent in a few weeks, it means that something is not right. Reliable companies will pay you through MoneyGram, check and PayPal among other payment modes while a fraud company will insist on sending a check via mail.


Gold prices are now higher than ever; the potential profitability of gold dealings is bringing out scam artists every day. You should never hand out your trust freely without first doing a thorough research on the process as well as the reputation of the gold buyer. However, your search has been made easier; if you are looking for a reliable scrap gold buyer in Rome offering competitive prices, go to


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