How to choose a Restroom Hand Dryer

How to choose a Restroom Hand Dryer

When choosing a restroom hand dryer, you need to keep in mind the restroom requirements and the type of environment and audience that may be using the hand dryer. Most people prefer the high speed automatic dryer as it is quiet and fast. Customers do not prefer the conventional push button hand dryers as they are not considered hygienic.

Cost Savings

The new line of hand dryers can help save 98% of paper towel costs. This provides a return on investment within a few months of installation of the dryer. It also helps protect the environment. The adjusted sound and speed feature is patented and is most energy efficient. This provides the perfect balance of performance and sound for your application.

Maintenance Free

The complete line of hand dryers is virtually maintenance free and this enables you to save valuable time. Daily maintenance is not required and the dryers are operational 24/7. You do not have to worry about anything.
The hand dryer also saves time by eliminating other maintenance responsibilities such as replenishing the supply of paper towels, fixing clogged washrooms and emptying the overflowing trash cans.


Even when the hand dryer is used in the toughest of environments such as high schools, sports stadiums, parks and factories, it provides the same trouble free service. The dryer is durable and can handle any kind of environment in an efficient manner.


Restrooms are usually infested with bacteria and germs along with new types of viruses and diseases, hygiene is of utmost importance. This is often a major concern in restrooms. The automatic hand dryer eliminates the use of paper towels that are considered one of the most reasons for an unhygienic restroom. This ensures that your hands are clean and germ free at all times.

Paper towels are passé and although they do serve a purpose they are costly and bad for the environment. An automatic dryer can dry the user’s hands within 10 – 15 seconds and this provides a convenient option to use in the restrooms. These dryers use less energy and can enable you to save on your energy bills.

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