How to Choose a Designer Diaper Bag


There’s more to choosing a diaper bag for a brand new mom than picking out the one that simply looks the best. This particular item will be the mom’s lifeline for at least the first two years of a baby’s life, so while it’s true looks matter, so does functionality. The best way to get both and be sure of quality, as well, is to choose a designer diaper bag. These higher-priced items, however, are not all alike. Some are simply better than others.

So, what should be considered when it’s time to buy a designer diaper bag? Here are a few tips on how to choose the best:

Quality is Key

Diaper bags are as important to new moms as reliable luggage is on a long-distance flight. Make sure that quality goes into every stitch. Do this by seeking out brand names that moms have come to trust, such as Fleurville and OiOi. They key is to find a great bag that’s meant to be used and even abused as mom and baby go about their busy lives. Materials, stitching and unpacked weight all matter here. So, too, does protection from the elements. In climates where rain and snow are frequent issues, waterproof bags might be the best choice.

Storage is Critical

A diaper bag that’s highly functional offers more than one large center compartment. Extra pockets, bottle holders and other hidey holes are key for helping mom organize while keeping important items such as clothing and blankets away from soiled diapers, food items and so on. The more pockets the better, but that central space should also be roomy enough to protect diapers, clothing and extra blankets while holding a toy or two for fun on the run.

Looks Do Matter

Don’t overlook the importance of a stylish design when choosing a bag. Moms want bags that complement their sense of style and the clothing they tend to wear. Fortunately, there are some incredible styles available on the designer market that lend themselves to any ensemble while still offering the practicality moms really need. Consider a mom’s favorite colors and go from there. If she’s big on neutrals, a dazzlingly bright diaper bag probably isn’t the way to go. If she loves pizazz, have fun making a whimsical selection.

There’s more to a designer diaper bag than just looks. To learn more about some of the best products on the market today, visit us online at www.gotobaby.

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