How To Buy Auto Parts At A Price You Can Afford


Often, when a car owner contacts the parts department of the distributor he or she purchased the car from, they are shocked at the high price of the part or parts they need. It makes sense that this is the case as neither the dealer nor the manufacturer makes a lot of money off the sale of the vehicle; they make it up on the sale of parts and labor.

It may take a little more work, but it is possible to get the parts you need without paying a fortune for them.

  • Research: There are a few alternative sources for cheap auto parts in Chicago; a lot depends on the part. If it is something that would never be subjected to wear and tear, perhaps a replacement door mechanism rather than an automobile, the junkyard is the place to go. If the part you need is a critical component, you will be better off buying it from a distributor or wholesaler of aftermarket parts.
  • Authentication: This is where you rely on the people at the junkyard or distributor of aftermarket parts. You can contact them and provide the original part number and vehicle identity. There are some parts that are unique to certain assembles such as an engine or transmission. All it takes is a call to confirm that the part you need is the part they have.

When purchasing cheap auto parts in Chicago, bear in mind that you must compare “apples to apples.” You cannot expect to pay the same price for an engine that has been overhauled as you would pay for one from the junkyard with a couple of hundred thousand miles on it.

Many people that are rebuilding a car will buy a “parts car” from the junkyard. They strip the parts they need and then resell what is left back to the junkyard. This is a great way to get cheap auto parts in Chicago.

If you are looking for cheap auto parts in Chicago, look no further than Aero Auto Parts. For dependable parts and dependable service, trust Aero Auto Parts.

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