How to Alleviate Your Pet’s Vet Clinic Nerves

How to Alleviate Your Pet’s Vet Clinic Nerves

The stereotypes are true: some pets grow skittish at even hearing the words “vet clinic.” You can think of it as being similar to the knot that grew in your stomach as a child, when you heard the word “checkup” and your young mind wandered to booster shots and their long needles. It’s completely understandable as to why your pet would be nervous about a checkup! Luckily, there are things you can do to help them feel calmer and safer about their pending visit to the vet clinic. Read on to learn what these things are.

Don’t Get Worked Up

Stressing out over your pet’s anxiety toward the vet can often feed into their fear! Your animal companion is highly attuned to your emotions, after all. If you’re uncomfortable, they’ll become uncomfortable, too. Take a deep breath if you have to, and don’t go overboard with trying to reassure your pet. Doing so could risk working the both of you up!

Is the Car an Omen?

Do you often take your pet on car trips, or only do so when the vet is involved? If you fall into the latter category, you may be doing your pet a disservice! Loading your dog or cat into the car only for vet clinic visits will cause them to only associate that activity with those ever-dreaded checkups, and worsen their anxiety. Try to take them on car trips not just for checkups, but for nice outings as well.

Acclimate Your Pet

Some pets only grow nervous at the vet clinic because of all the touching in places they aren’t used to. To help this, try gently rubbing these places before you get to the vet. Your pet will become more used to being touched in these places, making it easier for both them and the vet when it comes time for their checkup.

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