How Non-Medical Evidence can Help You Win Your Social Security Disability Case

How Non-Medical Evidence can Help You Win Your Social Security Disability Case

With the approval rates for Social Security Disability benefits falling steadily all over the country, disability lawyers in California, along with their clients, have had to find new and substantial evidence to help their case pass in a court of law.

In many cases, your lawyer will need to look past evidence present in medical records and in medical statements. In fact, there is quite a bit of convincing evidence often found in school records, statements from past supervisors and co-workers, employee files and even pain diaries kept by you.

While the majority of judges are primarily concerned with your medical record and the way your medical issues impact your ability to work, there are other things to be considered. While the doctors are primarily concerned with maintaining medical record and focusing on your medical issues, this means that the records are not going to contain many opinions or observations that may be beneficial in Social Security Disability cases.

It may be beneficial for your attorney to request that your doctor completes a functional capacity evaluation. While this can cost several hundred more dollars, it is worth the investment when trying to get the benefits you deserve. However, there are some situations when doctors do not want to get involved in these types of cases and others do not feel equipped to make any vocational conclusions.

This is where unconventional evidence can come in handy.

Work records will often tell a story and while you may have to read between the lines, a quality attorney will be able to do this successfully. There are a number of situations when a person may have used all their personal and/or medical leave days, which means they have to turn to vacation time. Chances are if these days are being used in the middle of the week, it is not to spend time on the beach.

Another way that work history can be beneficial is if you have several prior jobs within a short period of time. This often says that the client has been losing the ability to work over an extended period of time but trying to remain employed – especially if the jobs they take require reduced skill levels. In most Social Security Disability cases, judges will find this type of person as credible, which can help the case.

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