How It Works: Basics of Inductors


Capable of storing electrical energy, current inductors are a type of passive electronic component. The energy stored, is in the form of magnet energy. Put simply, this uses a conductor wound up into a coil and when the electricity flows to the coil, starting on the left to the right, it creates a magnetic field.

The more twists and turns in the conductor coil, the stronger magnetic field that will be generated. In addition, the cross-sectional area helps to increase the magnetic field produced.

Alternating Current

If there is an AC current flowing through the current inductors, this means that the direction and level of the current will change as time passes. This alternating current (AC) creates the magnetic field that will induce voltage and prevent level changes. If it is about to rise all of the sudden, there will be an electromotive force created in the currents opposite direction – which will reduce the current, preventing the increase. However, if a drop in the current is about to occur, then an electromotive force will be created to go in the direction where an increase in current will occur.

This induced voltage can be created even if the direction that the current is flowing is changed. Prior to overcoming the voltage that is trying to occur for blocking the current, the currents direction will be reversed so that it is eliminated.

Direct Current

If the DC, or direct current, is flowing to the current inductors, then the level will stay unchanged, which means that none of the induced voltage will be produced. The results of this may be a shorted state, which means that the inductor is an electrical component that will allow DC, rather than AC, to move through it.

In summary, the current inductors are magnetic energy producing companies that store it until needed by a device or application. They will not allow any type of AC to flow freely through the coil; however, DC is able to flow freely. The actual properties of these inductors are found in a number of applications. Understanding how these devices work is essential to ensure they are used properly in the various applications they are most commonly found in. Remember, when purchasing current inductors, it is essential to ensure the supplier is reputable, since one small error in the design can result in the entire component not working properly. This will essentially mean you have wasted your money on the electrical component.

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