How is Sand Blasting in CT Used for Headstones?

How is Sand Blasting in CT Used for Headstones?

People who have visited cemeteries sometimes wonder how professionals create the detail found on headstones. In times past, the process of inscribing a headstone could take quite a bit of time. Fortunately, the use of Sand Blasting in CT makes it possible to create just about any design that is desired. Here is how the process works.

Selecting the Material

More than one type of material can be used for a headstone. Granite is one of the more common choices. This happens to be an ideal medium for Sand Blasting in CT. Essentially, the finished product will sport a polished surface, and the details will be etched into the surface with the aid of the sandblasting.

Coming Up with the Design

Before the blasting can take place, it is necessary to come up with the design for the inscription. Many monument companies employ graphic artists who can help customers come up with the right arrangement of information. Once the elements are laid out to the liking of the client, it is possible to move on to the next step

Creating the Stencil

Using the design as the model, a stencil is created. Many professionals use rubber for the stencil since it can be stretched over the surface and the sides of the stone. All that is left exposed is the portion that will be etched with the aid of the sand blasting equipment.

Blasting the Stone

With the stencil firmly in position, a professional will begin the blasting. Once the process is complete, the professional will remove the stencil and evaluate the results. If there are any small flaws that need attention, they can be taken care of using manual tools. Once the stone is finished, it is presented to the client for inspection. If it is to the liking of the client, the stone will be delivered to the cemetery and set in position.

For anyone who would like to include a headstone in the advance planning, talk with the team at Shelley Bros Inc today. With the aid of a professional, it will not take long to choose the right stone and come up with the ideal elements to include in the design.

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