How Home Insurance Claims in Austin, TX can be Faster and Easier for Homeowners


Home Insurance Claims in Austin TX are made with the same goals in mind. People want the process to be fast and easy and have no unnecessary surprises. There is no reason for anyone to feel helpless when it comes time to file a claim. By knowing the right steps to take before anything happens, it will be a much faster and easier process.

Understand the Policy

Read through the policy. Talk to the agent to have any questions answered or confusing insurance language deciphered. Do not consider this to be unnecessary, but see the policy as the important legal document it is. Know what is not covered and why, and look into any extra coverage that may be necessary. This includes flood insurance, policies for high wind damage or additional coverage for issues common in Texas, like foundation problems or pest infestations.

Know the Process

Understand the claims process. Know if you should call, file online or speak directly to an agent. Be aware of the time it takes for an appraiser to arrive and for the paperwork to be processed. Know how long it usually takes to receive payment, and if there is a time limit for filing a claim. This may seem unnecessary, but smaller claims are not always immediately reported. Some people prefer to get repair estimates or clean up the damage first, before contacting the insurance company. It is important to know when this may lead to a denial of the claim.

Discuss Your Responsibilities

Home Insurance Claims in Austin TX are handled differently by each company, but most will have specific rules for the homeowner. For example, many policies offered by the Perdue Insurance Group state homeowners must protect their home from future damage after an incident. If not, any property damage after the initial event may not be covered. Not performing maintenance, not keeping good records and not updating the policy when changes are made to the home can all affect the final outcome of a claim.

Everyone should know what they are paying for and how it will benefit them if it is ever needed. Being knowledgeable about their rights will help to alleviate some of the worries that homeowners have when a claim is necessary. It will also help to move along the claim faster and let them get back to their normal routine sooner.

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