How Easy Is It to Move a Church Organ?


Whether you are choosing to upgrade your church organ in Florida or you have been forced into the purchase of a replacement model, how you are going to move the new organ into your church and remove the older model, may present several difficulties. These problems must be resolved before you decide which model to purchase for your church.

Are Doors the Only Way in And Out?

After measuring the maximum height and width of your largest doors, it will be easy to ascertain whether the current organ can be removed, and which models you may consider for your new church organ in Florida.

Should there be an enormous pipe organ in place, it can be taken apart into several sections which will make it easier to move throughout your property.

Everyone will quickly realize that organs are extremely large musical instruments and like a grand piano will take many people to move. Preferably, this will be completed by experts at moving large musical equipment.

You may wish to request that several of your community, volunteer to help you complete the process, but where church funds are sufficient, you may wish to employ professional movers to complete the task.

The organ that is being removed from your church will need to remain in perfect condition if you have sold it to a new purchaser. Even where it is failing to work, it should be removed in the best possible condition so repairers can inspect the model and over time, return it to its original state.

The company where you are purchasing your new or previously owned church organ in Florida may be able to offer their own expertise and individuals who are experienced at moving large musical instruments.

Taking expert advice about who is going to help you is vital to begin a successful change of organs for your church. Preparation for the organ moving out and then moving the new organ in must be carefully discussed and a plan in place for all eventualities.

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