How Do You Improve Your Callers Experience with Your Organization?


When you have a blank canvas, and know that everything on your checklist will come true, how would you wish to improve your caller’s experience when they contact your organization? Would one of your wishes include the possibility for your callers to explain exactly what they want and have a computer system put them through to the correct desk, without any of your employees being involved? What you need is a virtual phone assistant.

Growing Your Business

One of the most frequent complaints from customers that persist in doing business with you, may be that they cannot easily get through to the correct person or department that can deal efficiently and effectively with their telephone call.

They will complain that they will probably have been kept waiting if you use a physical employee on the switchboard. Where you operate a computerized menu system to direct callers to press buttons and hopefully, to finally reach their destination, they will already have become less enthusiastic about your organization. You can replace all this anguish with a virtual phone assistant.

You Understand Virtual Assistants

Many businesses and non-profit organizations already use virtual assistants (VA) to carry out several tasks that free the time for certain individuals. Where you have paperwork that you can’t complete because you haven’t the spare time, you may employ a virtual assistant to manage your calendar and appointments and to talk to your callers, so the VA can manage your communication.

When you take this a stage further and use a virtual phone assistant, you will know that the callers will be able to say exactly what they choose and the computer will select where their call should be redirected. In just seconds, they will be put through to the correct individual who has been chosen to help the caller.

This choice can only help your business become more efficient throughout as customers are dealt with effectively, quickly and without becoming frustrated, while waiting to speak to a real person.

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