How Changing A Charging Handle Makes A Difference


Not everyone owning an AR15 or AR15-style weapon will want to make changes to the stock weapon. The charging or bolt handle in place will be suitable for most shooters, particularly those who are using the weapon primarily for hunting or for occasional target practice.

However, for those who are serious sportsmen or sportswomen or who spend a lot of time on the target range or shooting, changing out the charging handle can help to improve overall weapon performance without a lot of cost. It is also important to note this is a relatively easy customization and possible for most gun owners to do on their own. Using a gunsmith to complete the installation is also a relatively low-cost modification, particularly when choosing a quality made bolt handle without the need for any adjustments or modifications for installation.

The Intended Function

The charging handle is essential in chambering a round, clearing a round failing to eject, or addressing problems if a double feed occurs from the magazine. In this case, the shooter simply pulls back the handle, which will manually eject the spent round, tee up the loading of a round from the magazine or clearing the double loaded rounds.

Then, as released, the handle pushes the next round into the chamber ready for firing. It is only used if the cycling is interrupted, which means it is not commonly required.

Fine Tuning

The standard type of charging handle is a t-shape, which can be awkward to manually move into the back position quickly and easily. Aftermarket handles offer the option to have the grip for the handle on the left side, allowing for quick, easy and natural operation of the handle without extra repositioning of the gun.

Additionally, they can be designed to be used from either side, which is a great accommodation for flexibility in firing and weapon operation.

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