How Can Slip and Fall Lawyers in Philadelphia Help You?

How Can Slip and Fall Lawyers in Philadelphia Help You?

A slip and fall can cause much more than embarrassment. When someone slips and falls, they can suffer from serious injuries that could sometimes affect them for the rest of their lives. In some cases, a property owner may be held liable for a fall of this type. If someone has fallen on another person’s property, it is crucial for them to learn about their legal options by contacting the slip and fall lawyers in Philadelphia. A consultation appointment with a lawyer can help a person understand their rights to pursue compensation.

Many people first work with the property owner’s insurance to attempt to settle their claim. Before one attempts to settle, there are several things they should consider:

• What are the long-term effects of the injury?

• Will further medical care be needed?

• Have all injuries been discovered?

• Has the right medical care been sought?

Consulting with slip and fall lawyers in Philadelphia will allow the victim to go over the details of their case to determine a fair settlement amount. Many end up settling for far less than they deserve, simply because they are not aware of their rights. Settling too early can cause a person to do so for less medical care than their injuries require. Once a victim accepts a settlement, they no longer have the right to further pursue the property owner.

A lawyer becomes an advocate for an injured client and can make a big difference in the settlement process. If the lawyer feels the insurance settlement will not cover the damages the client suffered, a lawsuit can be filed in court. Even when lawsuits are filed, cases are often settled outside of court simply because most people do not want to go through the hassle of being sued.

If you have been seriously injured in a slip and fall, exercise your rights and hire a lawyer to help you. For further information on hiring a lawyer, visit Swartzculleton.com. They help protect victim’s rights and work to make sure they receive a fair settlement amount. Injury lawyers offer free consultation appointments to allow victims to make a sound decision on their claim.

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