How Can A Social Security Disability Law Firm in Bel Air, MD Help You?


In Maryland, disabled individuals will face challenges in acquiring Social Security benefits. These challenges could equate to their age and the initial stage in which a determination is made. The government requires all applications to be reviewed by a Disability Determination Service. The service forwards cases to the Social Security Administration only if they believe it is a viable claim. The following are details about how a Social Security Disability Law Firm in Bel Air MD can help individuals who were denied.

The Initial Denial of Benefits

An initial denial occurs in more than 50% of disability cases. The applicant is informed of the exact reason for the denial. If the DDS doesn’t believe they have a case, the individual doesn’t receive a review by the SSA. If they do, they SSA will schedule appointments with doctors to evaluate the condition identified in the application. If these doctors don’t feel that the condition could stop them from acquiring work, they are denied and notified.

Filing an Appeal

The appeal process allows the claimant to acquire an additional review or reconsideration. These appeals force the SSA to review the case in full by reviewing the information according to the findings of the claimants’ own doctor. This doesn’t guarantee the applicant will receive benefits. However, it does force a more thorough assessment of their disability. They do have a higher probability of approval at this stage.

Preparing for a Lawsuit

A lawsuit provides the claimant the benefits of a review by a judge and jury. They review all evidence of the individual’s disability and determine if it is possible for them to become employed. If they can’t, the court determines the value of any back-pay and provides the individual with monthly disability benefits.

In Maryland, disabled individuals have access to monthly benefits that help them support themselves financially. These benefits are based on the individual’s disability and the income of anyone living inside their home. The benefits are based on SSI or SSDI guidelines. Individuals who need help with a claim and need a Social Security Disability Law Firm in Bel Air MD contact Maria Caruso today.

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