How a Termite Inspection in Tulsa,OK Can Save a Home

How a Termite Inspection in Tulsa,OK Can Save a Home

Termites are some of the most common and destructive pests in Oklahoma, but are usually invisible to homeowners. As a result, the wood-eating bugs often cause thousands of dollars in damage before they are detected. That is why a Termite Inspection in Tulsa OK, is important for every homeowner. Professional pest control experts like Guaranty Exterminating Company can easily find, remove, and prevent the problem.

Technicians Understand Termite Habits

Many homeowners who do not think they have a problem are surprised at what experts find during a Termite Inspection in Tulsa OK. Well-trained technicians can locate almost-invisible signs of trouble, because they understand the living habits of termites. Their customers may think that a damp smell or swollen wood is due to minor water damage, but professionals know that it could signal termite colonies. They also locate tunnels near foundations and locate wood that termites have hollowed out. Experts also know the difference between winged ants and swarming termites. When any of these tell-tales signs are present, technicians will design treatment plans to solve the problem.

Specialists Get All the Termites

When exterminators find signs of termites, they usually set up baits that let them know where colonies are. They will then add specialty bait that the insects will find and eat. The slow-acting poison is carried back to their nests and transferred to the rest of the colony. Eventually all of the bugs are killed. Professionals continue the process until they see no signs of new activity, and they guarantee that all types of termites will be removed. They also note any damages they find and report them to customers.

Professionals Help Clients Avoid Future Pest Problems

Pest-control experts help customers prevent problems in several ways. They often begin by teaching them how to recognize signs of insect invasions. Technicians educate customers in person and their companies offer detailed information on sites like guarantyexterminating.com. Experts show clients how to remove food, water, and access areas that attract pests. They also set up scheduled inspections to catch every problem in its earliest stages.

Expert pest control is essential to controlling termites. Professionals quickly find all problems, even when homeowners do not know they exist. They also design programs to remove all pests and will help clients avoid future issues. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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