Helpful Questions to Consider When Choosing a Kennel

Helpful Questions to Consider When Choosing a Kennel

If you must take off on a family vacation or business trip, you may require kennel services in Pennsylvania for your pets. It can be stressful to leave them behind, both for you and the pets themselves. That’s why choosing the right boarding kennel is essential. The good thing is that asking appropriate questions and determining what is important can go a long way in the process. Here are a few questions to keep in mind.

Where Can I Find an Excellent Kennel?

One of the best people to answer this question is your pet’s veterinarian. These professionals speak with pet owners all day long and likely know the quality of nearby kennels. You can also ask other pet owners you know to get an idea of which locations come up more often than others. Those may be a great place to start your research.

Do I Need to Tour the Kennel?

You should always tour the kennel services in Pennsylvania that you are considering for your pet. The facility should be clean and quiet, at least to the point where it can be. Living and playing areas need to look and smell clean. You also do not want to see overcrowding. Ask about how many staff are there and how many pets. The more dogs there are for each staff, the less personal attention your pet will get.

What Should I Know About Exercise Programs?

An amazing kennel that offers extensive programming is going to cost more than one that only lets the dogs out once a day. Ask how often your pets are playing and provided with exercise time. You should also inquire about how dogs are divided for playing. This may be by age, size, or play style. If your dog needs extra exercise, make sure individual walks are also provided for your pet.

How Can I Be Sure the Kennel is Safe?

When you tour a kennel, look for any jagged edges and bent wires on the structure. You also want to ask whether your pet will be supervised when using chew toys. If so, this is a bad sign. Dogs in kennels should also never wear a collar as this is another significant health hazard.

When looking for somewhere to board your pet, you want the best for them. You can find it at K9 Resorts Daycare & Luxury Hotel. We offer high-quality care and boarding for your furry friends.

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