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Perhaps a bit of history is in order when speaking of phase converters. According to the layman’s history, phase converters have been around for a century and have changed very little in that time. But new technology has allowed manufacturers to create reliable converters with names like rotary, variable frequency, and digital. The options can be a bit confusing, even to someone with working knowledge of electrical requirements.

At this point, talking with a professional who has extensive experience in the industry is probably your best option. If you or someone you work with encounters a situation that offers only single-phase service, but the ultimate need is for three-phase service, phase converters offer a solution. Sometimes, the original installation of single-phase service is completed because of the expense of putting in three-phase service. Should the need arise in a remote location or in an area that does not have three-phase, the time has come for selecting from available phrase converters to meet your exact requirements.


There are crucial differences between phase converters. Price is one element, of course, but it is essential to understand the need for voltage balance, efficiency, and a consistent supply of power. The leading providers of quality electrical equipment make sure they have a complete lineup of parts to meet your specific requirements for output voltage and horsepower.

These professionals will also have a massive inventory of good equipment, which greatly reduces or eliminates the waiting time for crucial parts. In addition, their expertise and selection helps keep costs low in what can be an expensive area of work. Getting you back in operation with just the right components is the ultimate goal. Contact an electrical-equipment expert and be sure you get what you need.

Single phase, 3 phase converters are ideal for those who wish to use an internal motor-generator for single to three phase conversion. Bruce electric is a leading phase converter supplier. For more details call 631-865-0806.

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